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    Where to get Ubuntu 14 file formats(*.img, VDI,VHDX)

    Where to get file formats of Ubuntu 14 as listed in here: I got some related links:
    0 By ragraggupta Ubuntu
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    How to Migrate Ubuntu 14 website from Linode to Digitalocean

    What is a way to do it? At the moment it is not possible to upgrade my website to PHP7.
    1 By ragraggupta Ubuntu
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    how to install Ubuntu 12 on Droplet

    Thanks, how to get refund for my USD 5 I paid here? I’ve been in this field for 10 years, why people don’t stop preaching i wond…
    By ragraggupta
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    how to install Ubuntu 12 on Droplet

    I want to migrate high traffic website from Linode to Digital Ocean here which is on Drupal 6(Ubuntu 12) There is no way I can find how to do it. Support here to sucks.. 2 days no reply. Any solution?
    2 By ragraggupta Ubuntu