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    My droplet always needs to be power cycled after starting vncserver

    I followed this ( tutorial if that helps :/ I am using the 512MB package because I'm new to DO and I'm not ready to mov...
    Accepted Answer: Glad to hear that you've gotten this resolved. For future reference we also provide a user-data script ( which you can pas...
    1 By ranyyy DigitalOcean Applications Deployment Ubuntu 16.04
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    Could DO add a "Remeber Me" option?

    I regularly log-in to DO now but I would like to stay logged in after signing into DO and closing my browser window.
    Accepted Answer: While I believe that the decision not to include a button like this was made for security it's worth adding to our UserVoice page ( Suggestions and votes on them on our UserVoice site play a maj...
    1 By ranyyy DigitalOcean