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    Wierd problem with FileZilla/Server

    EDIT: I am able to connect with FileZilla using my website domain instead of the Sever IP, never had to do this before.
    By rapidfx
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    Wierd problem with FileZilla/Server

    I am not able to connect to my server using FileZilla on my computer, but I am able to using Putty. I have uninstalled FileZilla and deleted romaing for it, and still cannot connect getting the error message "Authenti...
    2 By rapidfx DigitalOcean Debian
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    Can't connect to sever with FileZilla using root.

    I took down my old server to revamp everything together, when I am not able to connect to FileZilla using the droplet ip/password. I already went through the process of changing the password and I am getting the messa...
    3 By rapidfx DigitalOcean Debian