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    setting up VPN on Ubuntu 16.04 build-ca error message

    Running Ubuntu 16.04 on a HP Pavilion laptop In following your tutorial "How to set Up an OpenVPN server on Ububtu 16.04" I got to step 4 "Build the Certificate Authority" and when I ran the ./build-ca command I got t...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @raygolost It's usually because your .rnd is not owned by the user. You can remove it: sudo rm ~/.rnd You can read more here:
    1 By raygolost VPN Ubuntu 16.04
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    problem using USB drive with NTFS

    I am running CentOS 7 on a HP Pavilion laptop. I have a USB drive that is formatted with NTFS that I want to copy some files from. When i plug it into a USB port I see it in the left hand panel in Dolphin but when i c...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @raygolost You need to install fuse-ntfs-3g:
    1 By raygolost Control Panels CentOS
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    Domain name or subdomain name for setting up VPN on CentOS 7

    Running CentOS 7 1611 on a HP pavilion g7 laptop. I want to set this PC up as a VPN server. In the tutorial i found here @ DigitalOcean it says I need a domain or subdomain name to do this. I am an retired Unix Admin...
    Accepted Answer: @raygolost your PC should have a static IP address, then you need to buy a domain name from any domain service registrar and add a DNS record which points to your static IP address. Hope this helps.
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    error with start openVPN service

    Having similar problem hopefully this will get an answer soon. Running CentOS 7 on an HP Pavilion g7 laptop that I would like to s…
    By raygolost