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    Datacenter AMS3 not in Amsterdam?

    Hi there, We're a company based in Amsterdam, so we want our droplets in Amsterdam what should be possible. When I do a look up at the IP-addresses of my droplets, they all return London as location. How is this poss...
    Accepted Answer: We often add new IP blocks to our data centers to keep up with demand. Unfortunately the system that is used for geoip lookups is simply a database that is not updated in real time. When an IP is reassigned it can t...
    1 By rdejong DigitalOcean
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    Install Slanger on Ubuntu VPS

    Hi there, Can someone help me with installing Slanger on my Ubuntu VPS. I get stuck on gem install slanger I've got the error: ERROR: While executing gem ... (Gem::DependencyError) Unable to resolve dependencies:...
    1 By rdejong Ruby Ubuntu