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    Debug with Ansible not working proper

    I created a ansible playbook. playbook works fine. It creates several droplets in different regions. The problem is the debug section. As you can see the debugging iterates fthrough the droplets and should display the...
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    Creating Firewall with Ansible

    Hi all Im new with Ansible. Im able to create droplets and do configuration tasks with ansible. I tried to find a documentation what all can be done by ansible. Couldn`t find any. My question, is it possible to launch...
    2 By rebert Ansible Firewall
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    Create Firewall and other Stuff with Ansible

    Hi all Im new in Ansible. Im able to create droplets on configuration stuff on Digital Ocean at the moment. Ive tried to find an ansible documentation with all the possibilities on DO, but coudnt find any. My question...
    1 By rebert Ansible Ubuntu