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    Creating a subdomain on LEMP?

    I might be wrong, but it looks like the root that you have: root /var/www/html; is not pointing to your sub d…
    By redsteamsoftware
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    Has anyone had any experience/ success with installing xWiki on Ubuntu 16.04 here?

    I'm trying to get xWiki up on running on an Ubuntu 16.04 droplet here and am running into issues. I've tried doing it several different ways. If someone has had some experience with this, let me know and I'll provid...
    1 By redsteamsoftware Apache Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu
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    Installed LetsEncrypt and redirects to https work but web pages are no longer reachable

    I installed Let's Encrypt per the following tutorial: Works to require a redirect to https but I can no longer r...
    Accepted Answer: @redsteamsoftware The Let's Encrypt install shouldn't mess with the listeners, but if the configuration was a bit off to begin with, then the wizard sometimes does strange things. Run this command to list which confi...
    7 By redsteamsoftware Let's Encrypt Apache