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    CS:GO - 32 slots - What droplet spec do I need?

    the 512mb ram one (cheapest) will do if you’re just hosting one server. Generally csgo//source servers take up around 500 megabyte…
    By renzq
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    Updating with a startup script.

    So i'm trying to make it whenever I log into my root account on a certain box it runs this script echo "$(tput setaf 1)Welcome, $(tput setab 0)Quinn!$(tput sgr 0)" echo "Checking for updates..." apt-get update 2>&1 >...
    1 By renzq Linux Commands Linux Basics Debian
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    subdomain separate server

    Hi, i'm new to using DNS and i'm confused on how i'd set up a subdomain to point to another server, to be a little bit more specific, i already have a website on the www(dot)example(dot)com up and running but now i wa...
    1 By renzq DNS LAMP Stack Ubuntu