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    Are there CPU throttling on CPU-optimized droplets?

    I do understand CPU throttling exists on non-dedicated CPU droplets, since each of those droplets share physical hardware with other droplets, and constant 100% CPU use would degrade the service quality for other user...
    Accepted Answer: With CPU optimized cores each core is assigned to a droplet and is 100% allocated to that droplet so you can use 100% of the cores that are associated with it. There is no throttling.
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    How does DigitalOcean's CPU-Optimized droplets compare with AWS c6g range?

    Are there any benchmarks comparing DigitalOcean's CPU-Optimized droplets against AWS c6g instances? I'm working on a multiplayer game, and the game server I'm writing is very CPU-heavy, however it benefits from multip...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @rerdos, I've not seen an official benchmark test and I've not done such a benchmark test myself but here is one that I found after quick research: According ...
    1 By rerdos DigitalOcean Droplets