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    Can't login to my server with my SSH key

    @bobbyiliev It worked like a charm! I ran your command and tried to connect with: $ ssh -i myKey.pem root@IPADDRESS …
    By reyesjmf
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    Can't login to my server with my SSH key

    I created a new droplet and set it to use the usual SSH key on my account that I generated a long time ago with PuttyGen on Windows. I'm on a Mac now so I just copied over the PPK file thinking that I could use it to ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @reyesjmf, You could try using the ssh-keygen command to delete the invalid key from your known_hosts file. The command that you need to use would be: command ssh-keygen -R "<^>you server hostname or ip<^>" ...
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    Hello! I am a complete novice so please bear with me. I had a droplet running Debian that was working fine. I decided to rebuild it to Ubuntu just to try it out and basically get my feet wet in running more SSH comman...
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