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    How to fix 502 Bad Gateway error message?

    Gunicorn is working. My memory logs are: root@develop-110:~# free -m total used free shar...
    By rikeshk012330
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    How to fix 502 Bad Gateway error message?

    I was trying to upload a data file of around 600 MB in my project which is hosted in digital ocean. It tries to upload but 502 Bad Gateway Nginx error is shown. While the upload completely works fine on my local syste...
    2 By rikeshk012330 Nginx Big Data DigitalOcean Python DigitalOcean Droplets
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    My Django Project is not serving static files on Digital Ocean Server

    My Project files are in the root directory. The of my project is ``` STATICURL = '/static/' MEDIAURL = '/media/' STATICFILESDIRS =['/root/templates/colorlib-regform-6'] STATICROOT = '/root/static' MEDIA_RO...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @rikeshk012330, This seems like a long shot but are you sure you are using the proper ownership and permissions. I think the issue might be exactly ownerships. Since Nginx is not using root but another group and us...
    1 By rikeshk012330 Python Frameworks Django Nginx CSS Deployment Ubuntu 20.04