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    Doctl asks for root password when SSH-ing into droplet

    I'm setting up a droplet using Doctl, like so: doctl compute droplet create DROPLET_NAME --size 2gb --image centos-7-x64 \ --region tor1 --ssh-keys FINGERPRINT --enable-private-networking but when I use doctl compute ...
    Accepted Answer: When specifying an ssh-key, there is no root password set. Having a password prompt indicates one of two things: 1.) The key fingerprint you provided is invalid or corrupted. Try adding your key through the control ...
    2 By robdumas DigitalOcean CentOS
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    MySQL and Wordpress Dockers do not keep running

    First, check your logs by typing docker logs my-container-name and see what’s going on. I had a similar problem (MySQL on…
    By robdumas
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    Permissions with Git Post-Receive

    You don’t have permission to write to the folder; right now, only the www-data user and the www-data group can. You might try addin…
    By robdumas
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    Tip: Location of Web Files for Virtual Host

    Better yet, ust Git. Put a “bare” git repo in your home folder and use a post-receive hook to copy it over to your web folder. That…
    By robdumas