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    Why do I often get this error when accessing phpmyadmin?

    Hello everyone, I have a VM from DO, and my distro is Ubuntu 16.04. I have the following software installed: Apache2: 2.4.18 php: 5.6.26 mysql: 5.7.15 phpmyadmin: 4.5.4 I often get this error message on my wordpress...
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    Why I can't install php5 modules on Ubuntu 16.04?

    Hello, I have just finished setting up my Ubuntu 16.4 server. I have installed php5.6.26 because I am going to use Wordpress and I am not sure if all plugins are compatible with php7. I need to install some php modu...
    Accepted Answer: As of Ubuntu 16.04.x default PHP version is PHP7. You should add PHP5 repository and you will be able to install it. First of all add repository : command sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php When it finishes updat...
    2 By rodikr PHP Ubuntu 16.04