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    How to retrieve image id of running Droplet?

    Hi there, I'm having problem while provision my cluster. I'm using Terraform to create droplet and Ansible for configuration management. The problem is I use slug to create droplet instead of image id, and now some co...
    1 By SaboteurKid Ansible Terraform
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    Droplets created by Terraform cannot ping each other

    Terraform resource "digitalocean_droplet" "api" { image = "ubuntu-18-04-x64" name = "api" region = "SGP1" size = "s-2vcpu-2gb" count = 2 p...
    1 By SaboteurKid Networking Terraform
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    Fail to ssh into droplet with floating ip

    Hi guys, Currently I'm facing a problem that is I cannot ssh into a server with floating ip using sudoer user. I can: ssh root@$DROPLET_IP But when I try to ssh user_abc@$DROPLET_IP #out: Permission denied (public...
    1 By SaboteurKid Ubuntu 18.04