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    How to install php7.0-fpm on Ubuntu 18.04 server

    I have a laravel app that works perfectly with php 7.0. But on 7.2 many features are not working. So I would like to remove 7.2 from my server and install 7.0. I could only find this command in the help sudo apt-ins...
    2 By sadakcars4 PHP Ubuntu 18.04
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    Requests are not working php laravel

    I have served a php laravel application via nginx on Ubuntu 18.04 server. This application was working perfectly on a plesk server. I made it work on digital ocean but the problem is that my apis are not receiving any...
    Accepted Answer: Can you copy/paste your fastcgi_param variables/values here? In particular, this variable: fastcgi_param QUERY_STRING Also, copy/paste what you have in your try_files.
    1 By sadakcars4 Nginx PHP Ubuntu 18.04