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    Powered by Statuspage - is it safe?

    Yes, StatusPage is used by hundreds of known websites (Even uses them:
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    How to set up Gitlab with SSL Correctly?

    Hello, so I followed this guide here to set up Gitlab here ( The problem comes with setting up SSL. You see, I foll...
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    Herbal Sejagat Toko Obat Herbal Terbaik Dan Terpercaya

    This is not a forum to advertise
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    STUCK! Cant Install 2 Services On Top of Each Other - Help a Noob Out? [Long Time Problem] [Gitlab]

    Hello, so I am having huge troubles setting up Gitlab and NextCloud to work with each other. I have seriously attempted a huge number of times only to fall flat on my face and I have no idea why. Im going to document ...
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    [Suggestion] Tutorial on Installing NextCloud + Gitlab + Apache Webserver

    This is both a question and a suggestion because I feel I have given up entirely on this. I am trying to install Gitlab + NextCloud on a single VPS. I will use Apache as my default server which handles my regular web ...
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    Lets Encrypt wont work - Syntax error on a non-existant file?

    Hello! So I have Owncloud + Gitlab configured but when I try to run Lets Encrypt to give them HTTPS access, I keep getting hit with an error. It tells me to visit my apache2 error log (also in the picture) but there i...
    Accepted Answer: First result for a Google search on "lets encrypt ifmodule": (
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    Configuring Owncloud + Gitlab + Regular Webserver! Help

    Hello! Im using Ubuntu 16.04 for this. I need help configuring Gitlab, Owncloud, and a regular webserver all in one. I first installed LAMP as shown here:
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    Does DigitalOcean keeps logs of connections of my droplets?

    Hello! Kind of testing a few apps, I was wondering if DigitalOcean keeps logs of outgoing connections that Ive seen in some other VPS's, Either built into the system or something DigitalOcean has themselves. If not, a...
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    Installed One-Click Gitlab Droplet. Now want OwnCloud and a regular server. How?

    Okay. So I installed a droplet using one-click Gitlab which did the setup for me. I made a subdomain called "" which points to my Gitlab page. I then used Lets Encrypt to secure it via this guide he...
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    Hire a server administrator

    Probably not the best place to ask this.
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