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    Using Vesta Control Panel with Digital OcEAN

    The same question has been answered on Vesta forum:
    By sailor2557
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    Can't add more than two domains in Vesta CP

    Hello there, I'm running Vesta on Ubuntu 16.04 and met a strange problem - I added two domains already in Vesta and both works fine with HTTP or HTTPS (Let's Encrypt). But when I try to add a third domain it doesn't ...
    1 By sailor2557 Control Panels DigitalOcean Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04
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    Custom Nameservers Сonfusion

    Hi folks! I'm a total newbie with so mysterious DNS settings, and I just trying to setup my custom nameservers like that - The first thing I did - I read a tutorial here on DO. Then another tutorial...
    1 By sailor2557 DNS Ubuntu 16.04