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    npm install are very slow in sg server

    Mine was getting stuck at 70% of npm or yarn prod. but restarting ubuntu sudo reboot solved it
    By salamwaddah
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    I changed my NS but now I have 2 different sets of nameservers

    4 days ago I changed some of my domains NS from digitalocean to cloudflare. When I use dns checker to see if it's updated I see some locations around the world still have the old digital ocean NS. What can I do to for...
    Accepted Answer: Hello @salamwaddah, You'll need to change the Nameservers of your domain with your registrar. You should only have the Nameservers of cloudflare and none of DigitalOcean's. This isn't done through your droplet as the...
    1 By salamwaddah DNS
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    How long SSL certificates need to be activated?

    Just added a new "Let’s Encrypt" certificate on my domain, the domain with "http" works but "https" doesn't yet. Is there additional steps I need to make?
    Accepted Answer: Request you to refer to below link, which explains the detailed steps:
    2 By salamwaddah Security