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    Wordpress site going down every single night

    Every single night my site goes down between 3am to 6am and has gone down now for about 20 days in a row. It didn't go down nearly as much when it had 4x the daily traffic that it does now. Because the droplet goes do...
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    My droplet keeps going down. Trying to optimize MySQL

    I keep getting errors like "Out of memory: Kill process 837 (mysqld) score 68 or sacrifice child" and my server goes down atleast 4-5 a week So I am trying to address two possible causes before giving up and just upgr...
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    Is something wrong with NYC servers?

    My site on the NYC servers is going down awfully frequently this past week. I also see there is some maintenance work scheduled for the NYC servers today. So just wanted to know if a lot of other users on the NYC serv...
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    How to automatically restart MYSQL when it crashes on Ubuntu Wordpress 18.04?

    Hey, thank you for the detailed reply Lastly, you’ll need to create a script which checks if MySQL is actually down and s...
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    How to automatically restart MYSQL when it crashes on Ubuntu Wordpress 18.04?

    It happens infrequently, but whenever my wordpress crashes it causes a downtime. If I am away for home I have to wait anywhere from a few hours to a few days till I'm back home and log in to my console and restart my ...
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    Moved Domain Name from blogger to wordpress. Getting 404 error

    Hi. I moved my site from blogger to wordpress and just moved the domain earlier today. I've been getting trouble since I've move the domain name to DO. The site works and goes down intermittently. The site gives an 40...
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    Permission denied (publickey) for SSH login on new droplet. Unable to login

    Created a new account. Created SSH keys on local machine under a root secured password. Added newly created SSH key under Security -> Add SSH keys. Created a new droplet. Installed one-click wordpress. When I am tryin...
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