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    Connecting domain to droplet issue

    Following the tutorial here ( i was able to connect domain to my droplet but the issue here is when i navigate to
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    Create a Database on DigitalOcean and connect to it externally (not on the same datacenter)

    I've an instance server running (Scheduled) a scrapy application on another cloud service, also have another instance on DigitalOcean running the user interface (Flask Application to be precises) with database configu...
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    How do i remove Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page?

    Please, kindly need help, after deployed flask application on ubuntu 14 into this path var/www/FlaskApp, Accessing my IP, it display correctly, So, i decided to point my domain to digital ocean which display "Apache2 ...
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    How can i deploy scrapy app on DigitalOcean

    I recently develop scrapy application, Please how can i deploy it on digital Ocean??
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