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    certbot cannot find my domain

    it is not trying to apply a certificate to the domains. It can only find one. I have several being hosted on this droplet root@P…
    By sbrycebarker
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    certbot cannot find my domain

    I have several domains connected to my server, when i run sudo certbot --nginx only one of my domains can be found. is there a step I am missing. Its been a while since I have worked on this
    3 By sbrycebarker Apache Let's Encrypt Ubuntu 16.04
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    when i refresh my browser I get sent home instead of seind the page i am on

    When I refresh my page I get sent home instead of it reloading the page I am on. This does not happen when I am running from my machine.
    Accepted Answer: When you click refresh the browser will reload the exact URL in the address bar (and prompt you if it got there through a POST request). Be sure that your application if it a single page site, updates the address bar...
    1 By sbrycebarker Node.js JavaScript