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    How to track Network Latency? (Debian)

    Hi, Question: How can I track network latency at Debian 8.1 ? I do run a python script 24hours a day, so it can be a program or a python modul solution. Maybe someone can write a tutorial for that? I only saw a tutori...
    0 By scholastik Networking Debian
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    SSH connect two droplets and can I access files in python script?

    1) I posted my question about SSH networking here: I will repeat it: I have access from my pc to both of my droplets...
    1 By scholastik Python Networking Debian
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    Second SSH necessary? How to keep the droplet active without an active session?

    Hi there, I'm new to this, but I have small basic experience with my Raspberry Pi and Debian. What I want to reach: I want a Debian system, where I can run a Python 3.4 script, which includes an endless loop (so in t...
    1 By scholastik Python Debian