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    App Platform deploying with image from DOCKER_HUB not loading

    I'm trying to deploy an app using the below .do/deploy.template.yaml for a docker image. spec: name: testing-image-deploy services: - name: testing-image-deploy image: registry_type: DOCKER_HUB ...
    1 By ScubaDiver Docker
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    Docker App missing /var/run/postgresql folder

    I have a Docker app that I'm deploying to the App platform, that includes installing postgresql. During the Docker build when installing postgresql it should create a folder /var/run/postgresql that is used to start t...
    1 By ScubaDiver PostgreSQL
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    App Console Root Password

    What's the root password for an App on the App platform? There are a lot of directions in this forum for the root password of a droplet, but they don't apply to an App since there's no "Access" section for an App. I'v...
    1 By ScubaDiver DigitalOcean App Platform