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    cURL with cron job not working

    Hello I've tried to create a cron job with a curl to a specific page on my website. On that page, when loaded, it's sending out an e-mail to some specific people. I've tested the script, and it's working just as inten...
    2 By sebatiankolind Nginx Ubuntu 16.04
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    Website not showing after DNS redirect and pinging fails

    Hello. Yesterday I made a nameserver change to make show a new website that is on my Digital Ocean server. It's a Nginx + Nodejs setup. The thing is, when I ping it's actually sending and receivi...
    Accepted Answer: This sounds to me like you were experiencing some odd results while your changes propagated. DNS resolvers used by ISPs cache results for a while so they don't have to go back to query the authoritative nameserver fo...
    1 By sebatiankolind DNS Ubuntu 16.04
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    How do I update my node version from 6.11.2 to v8+?

    @besimhuskic1 Worked for me to. Nice!
    By sebatiankolind
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    Node app runs locally, but not on DO

    Hi I've created an eCommerce app with Nuxt.js, and therefore Node.js. It is hosted on DO, and actually it works, but whenever I make changes to the code, and build the app again, and then try to click around in the ap...
    1 By sebatiankolind Node.js Ubuntu 16.04