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    Openlitespeed droplet /var/www/xxxd3 virus file

    Hello, I am using openlitespeed droplet and my wordpress website is infected. I delete virus files but they come back again. I also noticed the /var/www/xxxd3 file but even though I deleted it, it comes back again. Ho...
    1 By serkanemir OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click Security
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    Let's encrypt certificate issue in OpenLiteSpeed WP

    Hello, After removing the Let's encrypt certificate, the website (I haven't defined a domain yet, only ip address) does not open. When I type the IP in the browser, it redirects to https and the website does not open....
    1 By serkanemir OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click Let's Encrypt
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    I want to upgrade to php 7.2 on my site (wordpress and sentora panel).

    Dear Hosting Provider, I want my website to be as performant and secure as possible with the latest version of PHP. For the server my WordPress site is hosted on, I want to ensure that is the case. If I am not already...
    1 By serkanemir PHP Ubuntu 16.04