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    ssh: connect to host ***.**.**.** port 22: Operation timed out

    I am facing the same problem, rebooted several times ran power cycle Still cant access droplet via console and none o…
    By shairyar
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    Help me understand FDQN as some of my mails are bouncing back

    Hi, I am new to owning the VPS and learning alot of things, i search for for the answers on DO and came across alot of posts some made few sense and some none probably due to my lack of knowledge. The problem I am hav...
    2 By shairyar Email Configuration Management
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    Do i need to worry about security

    Hi, I recently came across digital ocean and I am really interested to move my website over, I always hosted my websites on shared server where i can use cpanel. My Question is do i need to worry about security and in...
    1 By shairyar Security Firewall