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    php files are downloading instead of executing on the Browser ( Stack Wordpress + Openlitespeed )

    I built a droplet with a Marketplace stack ( Ubuntu 20.x+Openlitespeed+MariaDB+Wordpress) and it was so far. But today the site isn't loading instead php files are downloading when visiting the site. Can someone help ...
    1 By Sharanyanlk WordPress OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click Ubuntu 20.04
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    Ubuntu+Openlitespeed+Ubuntu+Wordpress Stack LetsEncrypt Issue

    I've installed this Openlistespeed WP stack for my DO droplet: 1) The domains added, NS, A record perfectly pointed into the Cloudflare 2) DO auto dom...
    Accepted Answer: Hi, Before applying LE cert, the script will auto-check if there are any 'litespeed' strings shows in the response header. We just make it support Cloudflare as well. So, you can either 1. Edit /opt/, c...
    1 By Sharanyanlk Ubuntu 20.04 OpenLiteSpeed WordPress 1-Click WordPress