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    Having MongoDB Startup Errors!

    Hey! Greetings! So recently I was thinking of resetting my nodebb forums when I had an error after deleting the database I couldn't create a user. So what I thought was to delete MongoDB v3.2 again not 3.4 its 3.2 for...
    2 By SharletP MongoDB Ubuntu 16.04
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    PHP Sub Files Not Showing up!

    Hey! So this post is mostly releated To my other post which was answered by 2 friends. Now I have problems my the php files in the subcategory like dashboard.php not showing up. I really need help as my main file ind...
    2 By SharletP Nginx Block Storage Ubuntu 16.04
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    Nginx not showing PHP Files?

    @hansen and @jtittle Thanks for all the help. The File is up and runnung! I had to fix snippets/fastcgi-php.conf. After that i…
    By SharletP
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    Nginx not showing PHP Files?

    Hey, So I am having a lot of problems with nginx lately. As of nginx is not accepting my php file to put it on my sub domain. I have setup php-fpm etc. I need help with it and below is the config. Also the directory...
    3 By SharletP Nginx Block Storage Ubuntu 16.04
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    [Help Needed] MongoDB Error!

    Greetings Everyone! So today I actually encountered an error while setting up my nodebb system. The problem was with mongodb! When I started the system using sudo systemctl start mongodb it shows an message as *Faild ...
    1 By SharletP MongoDB DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04
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    Where is the " | " key on the keyboard!

    Greetings Everyone! So I know most replied will be the it is located about your enter key as I know that, but whenever I do Shift + \ ( BackSlash ) but the result isn't | 'it shows ~ is there anyway and I have connect...
    1 By SharletP System Tools Ubuntu 16.04
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    [Help Needed] SSH Key Error

    When I tried to setup ssh keys and typed the following code - ssh-code-US user@... , I get an error "packet-write-wait: Connection to .... port: 22 : Broken Pipe ! Is there anyway I can fix this if so please help me K...
    2 By SharletP Linux Commands Ubuntu 16.04