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    Configuration of server

    Hello, I have installed LEP I have not installed MySql because I will be using a remote database. Do I need to install MySQL on the server for it to work also do I need to do anything to allow remote connections to a...
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    Do I have to use ufw?

    Do I have to use ufw if I am using the firewall within the digital ocean control panel?
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    Apache2 and MySQL processes repeatedly killed

    It flagged my comment with the results of the command you gave me here are the results
    By shehethey
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    Apache2 and MySQL processes repeatedly killed

    I have done as much as possible. No matter what I do I cannot get these programs running again. My site is down and I have resized the droplet to have 16gb of ram and still it is killing processes. screenshot of kill...
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    How can I increase the MySql memory on a wordpress with ubuntu droplet image

    My website keeps going down because of MySql which is running on localhost does not have enough computing power to connect to the website. I have increased the ram by resizing the database but that only worked for a d...
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    SQL Computing Size

    Hello, I have resized my droplet to have 2gb of ram as opposed to 1gb. My site keeps going offline because the SQL server is limited with computing size. How do I increase how much memory the SQL database can use on t...
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    Multiple IP addresses

    Hello, I am trying to use the domains product, I need to create a subdomain that points to multiple IP addresses how would I do that?
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