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    Direct HTTP request to specific component in DO Apps platform

    I recently started using the DO Apps platform. One app has two components: one component is a service and runs a django application (e.g. and another component is a static site (e.g.
    Accepted Answer: 👋🏼 @shualife Domain-based routing is planned but unfortunately it is not available at this time. Two separate apps is the best approach until that's added. There is only one plan for static sites so it's not possibl...
    1 By shualife DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Download Directory Leading 400 Bad Request Listing Direcoty Failed (Cyberduck)

    Hi - running into the same issue. Cannot download files. Did you ever solve this?
    By shualife
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    Memory graph showing 80% but TOP command showing much less

    Hi! I am running a Ubuntu 18.04 on a droplet. Droplet size is 8GB memory and 160GC disk. In the graphs page on my dashboard, the "Memory" usage is at 80%. CPU shows around 0.2%, disk shows around 2%. The droplet hosts...
    Accepted Answer: I believe that DO reports MemTotal - MemAvailable in the statistics. You can find these values in your system memory statistics at /proc/meminfo MemAvailable is an estimate of memory available for applications (and do...
    1 By shualife Ubuntu 18.04