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    Download Directory Leading 400 Bad Request Listing Direcoty Failed (Cyberduck)

    Hi - running into the same issue. Cannot download files. Did you ever solve this?
    By shualife
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    Memory graph showing 80% but TOP command showing much less

    Hi! I am running a Ubuntu 18.04 on a droplet. Droplet size is 8GB memory and 160GC disk. In the graphs page on my dashboard, the "Memory" usage is at 80%. CPU shows around 0.2%, disk shows around 2%. The droplet hosts...
    Accepted Answer: I believe that DO reports MemTotal - MemAvailable in the statistics. You can find these values in your system memory statistics at /proc/meminfo MemAvailable is an estimate of memory available for applications (and do...
    1 By shualife Ubuntu 18.04