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    How to configure another droplet to send emails?

    I have 2 droplets. The one is a mailserver and the other one is the one that has the website which is wordpress. How can I configure the wordpress/droplet to send eimails from the mailserver? I would like a full answe...
    1 By sianiosmarinos
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    Unebale to sent mail from web server to personal mail server

    I have configured my mail server and my web server on 2 different droplets, but I can't sent mails. My website runs on Wordpress and I wanted to get email notifications from WP to my personal email ...
    2 By sianiosmarinos
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    many ip for 1 website

    Thank you both, just one more stupid question. Do I have to do any special configuration with nginx?
    By sianiosmarinos
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    many ip for 1 website

    Hello, After many hours thinking and chatting with my brother I decided to move my website from shared hosting to Digital Ocean. I have experience setting up my website but I was wondering, is it possible to host 1 ma...
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