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    Replicating a VPS with Moodle

    People, I have a VPS with Ubuntu 16.04, and I Have installed Moodle. My question is... Which is the best way to have the VPS Replicated? I have installed Moodle with Postgresql and I knew how replicate the DB with lo...
    1 By silvacarlosg Configuration Management Apache PostgreSQL Backups Ubuntu 16.04
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    Bigbluebutton on DigitalOcean?

    Thanks Ryanpq!
    By silvacarlosg
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    Bigbluebutton on DigitalOcean?

    Hi everybody, I'll chosing a VPS for a e-learning project, and I need to know if DigitalOcean is the correct place for install BigBlueButton. Thanks in advance. Gabriel
    3 By silvacarlosg Deployment Ubuntu