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    How can i restart Mongodb Authomatically If it Crashes ?

    My mongod process was killed for taking too much ram. I had to restart it myself manually. Is there any way it can restart automatically?
    1 By simdijinkins MongoDB Ubuntu 16.04
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    How should i structure a node js and mongodb project on digital ocean?

    I have a 5$ droplet. This droplet is for development purposes. I want to create a graphql api with node.js on my mongodb database to be used in my mobile app. i am expecting around 200,000 users of this app Questions:...
    Accepted Answer: @simdijinkins If you have an expectation of 200k users going in, I'd recommend separating NodeJS and MongoDB from the start -- that way you're not having to do it later on. As for using containers -- it really depend...
    2 By simdijinkins Node.js MongoDB Docker Ubuntu 16.04