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    Clients wont connect to secure websocket

    The problem: Hey! I've just configured SSL so I can have secure websocket (wss) on my server. But everytime the clients tries to connect to the server I get this error message: WebSocket connection to 'wss://138.68.8...
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    How can I switch from ws to wss (secure websocket)

    Hey, I am wondering how I can get wss (Secure websocket) instead of just basic ws. I am using node.js with the library "ws" and I don't know what to do. Thanks! Note: I have debian but can change to ubuntu just to get...
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    How to change keymap in Debian?

    Hey! I've been trying to change my keymap for my Debian server but It hasn't worked. I've tried with console-data. Can anyone help me find a persistant solution to change the keymap to swedish?
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    Mysqli_connect create error 500

    Hey! I get HTTP error 500 everytime I try to use mysqli_connect in my php file. This is my code and link to the file I am having trouble with: ``` <?php session_start(); if(!isset(...
    Accepted Answer: @southsweden Try this quick solution and if it works I will explain it to you. Replace with and try again.
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