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    Getting 503 error on the website since some time now, server goes down for few mins.

    Hi, We are facing a problem. Asking the community for help. We are getting 503 error on the website randomly ( Screenshot of the error log(Plesk): Error: 503 - POST /wp-log...
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    How can we reduce TTFB?

    Hi, Our website is and this is the score from GTmetrix How can we reduce the TTFB. We have CloudFlare CDN and they said, you have to ask...
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    Site keep going down, get 504 error

    Hi, We have been facing a peculiar issue. We asked on various other forums/wordpress and few people said it is to do with your server on Digital Ocean We get 504 error 10-15 mins randomly and t...
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    Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender - Email problem - digital ocean IP blocked by Gmail?

    Hi, We just shifted server from Godaddy to DO. + 1 email address also. While were are getting emails from everywhere. When we try to send email to a Gmail address we get** the following error:** This is the mail syste...
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