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    Data domain 'xxx': name already exists.

    Digital Ocean has screwed me over in the past day. 1) I haven't been able to add my domain name to my droplet. Digital Ocean won't let me. 2) I created a ticket to prove that I am the owner of the domain with a graphi...
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    What app would I need to install on ubuntu to send out e-mails from the different domains on my server?

    Let's say I host a few sites like,, and And they're all wordpress sites and on one single droplet. What app(s) do I need to install so that I can send e-mails from to new use...
    Accepted Answer: Hey there, Running a mail server on your own is not always an easy process. We have an article/tutorial on this here: I...
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    error.log in Nginx being written as error.log.1

    Hi, what should I do to avoid error.log being written as error.log.1 ? I tried changing the owner/group to www-data and changing the permissions to 774 but today I noticed that the problem hasn't been fixed. Today the...
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    I got a droplet and chose the monthly payment option, but I want to destroy it after just a few days.

    Will I be charged the whole monthly price for using it for less than a week? Or will I be charged hourly for the time I've had it running (it's been about 4 days)? thanks for the clarification :)
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