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    How To Work With Zip Files in Node.js

    Working with files is one of the common tasks among developers. As your files grow in size, they start taking significant space on your hard drive. To get around this, you can group the files into a single ZIP file. I...
    By Stanley Ulili Node.js JavaScript
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    How To Use PostgreSQL With Node.js on Ubuntu 20.04

    The Node.js ecosystem provides a set of tools for interfacing with databases. One of those tools is node-postgres, which contains modules that allow Node.js to interface with the PostgreSQL database. In this tutorial,...
    By Stanley Ulili Node.js PostgreSQL Ubuntu 20.04 System Tools
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    How To Process Images in Node.js With Sharp

    Digital image processing is a method of using a computer to analyze and manipulate images. This tutorial covers using the Node.js library sharp to read an image and extract its metadata, resize, change and compress it...
    By Stanley Ulili Node.js Custom Images Development