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    How can I improve TTFB for Magento 2 with NGINX?

    I am running Magento 2 with NGINX, MariaDB, Varnish and Redis on a Digital Ocean droplet. I am using Cloudflare as my CDN and using their Polish feature to optimize images. However, my TTFB is still slow. I have read ...
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    cannot access phpmyadmin on nginx with magento installed

    I have phpmyadmin installed on my server running nginx and my magento site. However, When I browse to magento responds saying it cannot find what I'm looking for. How can I set this up properly...
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    Magento 2.4 OS, Web Server and Database

    I recently opened a digital ocean account and there is a Magento 2.4 installation on the Marketplace including ElasticSearch 7 which is now required with 2.4 I started a web store with my shared hosting on shared host...
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    Setup Magento 2.4 and Plesk

    I would like to install Magento 2.4 using the Marketplace image. However,I'd like to use a control panel such as Plesk or Webmin. What is the best way to Handle this? Should I install the Magento Marketplace image and...
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