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    Increase max filesize for Wordpress files (one click installation)

    I want to upload a 50 MB File to my one click wordpress installation. Wordpress cries that its too big a filesize. Where are the configurations files I need to edit to set the filesize to mazbe a 100 MB?
    8 By Sternenfisch WordPress Ubuntu 16.04
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    Install Html2Wiki extension on one-click Mediawiki application

    I have successfully installed mediawiki by one click. The project I am doing needs me to convert into a wiki. For that I am currently downloading the whole website as a zip. Then I would need to convert the...
    1 By Sternenfisch Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04
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    Free domain for testing or how to reroute traffic to moodle

    I have successfully setup a moodle on my droplet. However, accessing it is a bit of a problem. How can I modify index.html that it points to my moodle? Or otherwise enable people who travel to my domain to land on the...
    1 By Sternenfisch Apache Ubuntu 16.04
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    Tutorial on installing tikiwiki-15.04 on ubuntu-16.04

    Like in description, but I will send 20 USD to someone who makes a a walkthrough for me to install tikiwiki that I can follow through and that works (kindly provide your email address, will let you know when it works...
    2 By Sternenfisch Apache Ubuntu 16.04
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    Set up Tikiwiki on Digital Ocean

    I have been trying to install tikiwiki on a digitalocean droplet, yet I fail to get past the placeholder that displays once I logged in via SSH. I followed the instructions in the 4 year old tutorial, and the advise o...
    1 By Sternenfisch Applications Ubuntu 16.04