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    Need to convert 1000 images in 5 seconds-- what are our options?

    Hi, we're looking for a server architecture that will allow for converting 1000 images in 5 seconds. As a test, we ran some benchmarks using a 48GB (16 core) droplet, using GNU Parallel to run 1,000 image conversions....
    2 By stevetenuto Clustering Ubuntu 16.04
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    Can I utilize private networking through a load balancer?

    Is private networking available through a digtialocean load balancer?
    1 By stevetenuto Load Balancing Ubuntu 16.04
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    Can a load balancer help me here?

    I'd like to set up, potentially, hundreds of 512mb droplets to tackle 10,000+ image conversions per hour. Is this is a good use-case for DO's new load balancers? If so, what could the basic design/architecture look li...
    1 By stevetenuto Clustering Ubuntu 16.04
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    What is the best way to share storage between droplets?

    I have a cluster of droplets that complete video transcoding jobs when available. In order to serve the videos to the user, I need to store these videos in a central location (block storage on the my main server). Wha...
    1 By stevetenuto Block Storage Ubuntu 16.04
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    How much will upgrading my server increase performance of my script?

    Hi, I'm currently running the $5/mo plan (1 core/512mb RAM) for development purposes. Let's say I'm running a PHP script, that uses Imagemagick and ffmpeg to create a short video, and it's currently taking 60 seconds ...
    1 By stevetenuto Deployment PHP Ubuntu