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    How do I automatically create a directory and mount a GlusterFS volume on Kubernetes workers?

    Hello, I'm just getting started deploying, managing and utilising Kubernetesfor parts of my workloads (the part of the workloads that are stateless). I'm therefore running an external storage cluster using GlusterFS. ...
    1 By stianm Kubernetes Clustering Storage
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    Cloud-Init script does not appear to work

    I think I found the answer, if you select stuff like extra storage blocks, the configuration Digital Ocean performs on the droplet …
    By stianm
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    Cloud-Init script does not appear to work

    Hello! I followed the guide to create a cloud-init script to get my initial configuration running.. ``` cloud-config users: - name: adminuser (admins own user, no root or standard admin account, removed for security...
    2 By stianm Initial Server Setup Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 18.04