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    How to stop load balancers losing ability to run health checks

    I've reported this as an issue, but support is being slow to respond, and I wondered if anyone else had seen this issue. Under certain circumstances, my load balancers are partly losing connectivity with droplets. Th...
    0 By stuart250691 Load Balancing Debian 9
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    iptables not blocking ports

    For some reason, iptables isn't blocking ports on a droplet, when the exact same rules work fine on a VirtualBox VM. The output from iptables -S is: root@public:~# iptables -S -P INPUT ACCEPT -P FORWARD ACCEPT -P OUT...
    Accepted Answer: @stuart250691 I've ran in to cases where not setting a default policy results in some connections being allowed. When I setup iptables or ufw, I always set the default policy to deny that way it's the first rule in m...
    1 By stuart250691 Networking Debian