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    How much disk space can I use?

    Can I use all 20GB of storage on my droplet, or do I need to leave a certain amount of free space for the OS, software, updates, etc?
    Accepted Answer: The 20 GB includes the entire hard disk image which your distribution is installed on. You can use all of it whether it's by installing updates or by storing media files. EDIT: It's as if you had a computer with a 20 ...
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    Should I upgrade my kernel?

    "apt upgrade" wants to upgrade 2 packages and install 4 extra packages (the 4.4.0-31 kernel). "apt-get upgrade" tells me the same 2 packages are held back. (linux-headers-generic-lts-xenial and linux-image-generic-ltx...
    Accepted Answer: Some kernels can be managed using DO's control panel, and some Linux distros such as Ubuntu 16.04 (at the moment) does not support kernel updates via the control panel. You can upgrade the kernel by following the com...
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    What is the maximum allowed transfer speed?

    I've read that Digital Ocean does not yet enforce the transfer limits. What is the maximum continuous transfer speed allowed? For those that are interested, I'm running a Tor relay. I've read the Tor policy, and agree...
    Accepted Answer: While we do not set a hard limit on network transfer speeds for applications where continuous transfer is expected (as with a TOR relay) we ask that users limit their transfer speeds in software to 300Mbps maximum. ...
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