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    root password login only from control panel

    Hi, I know that the best way is to have ssh key authentication but the problem is that sometimes we lose the keys and then the only way is to have root access again to generate new keys etc. Is it possible to disable ...
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    Access Console kicks out with no errors!

    Hi, Here is my problem: Background: I have a LEMP on Ubuntu 14.04 droplet that has our main website/system on it and still we are using it everyday. I have done many configurations to this dro...
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    Nginx Folder permission for images folder

    Hi, I have a PHP web application on my nginx server (Ubuntu). I have a folder called passports. I store passport images in that folder using a php upload page. I want to block access to that folder so that no one can ...
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    Is my website configuration ready to go live?

    I want to know if I am missing something or no. I have: 512MB Ram 20GB SSD Disk Singapore 1 LEMP on Ubuntu 14.04 I am building a simple PHP application. I have done: 1. LEMP one-click app installation 2. initial serve...
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    can't ping any website even "unknown host"

    I have: 512MB Ram 20GB SSD Disk Singapore 1 LEMP on Ubuntu 14.04 I have installed LEPM one-click installation. then I: 1. Went through initial server setup 2. key-based authentication 3. I ran mysql_secure_installatio...
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    Setting up security and pre-production settings on a new LEMP (one-click app)

    Sorry about my noob question. I am setting up a new droplet for my new site and I want to know how to set things up securely and also the required setting before I go to production with a sample "Hello page". Can you...
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