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    How can I disable IPv6 on Digital ocean droplet?

    Is the reboot necessary after updating those IPv6 settings? I have issues with IPv6 and some third party server monitoring software…
    By surgevelocityon
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    Does DO Spaces provide a CDN in front of the storage for fast global access?

    DO Spaces is great pricing and sounds like a good AWS S3 replacement. I was wondering if it had any CDN also implemented in front of it, or if a CDN option will be available at some point? Being able to host assets on...
    Accepted Answer: We now have basic CDN functionality integrated into Spaces (available in Private Beta). We're going to iterate and add to it based on what we learn from the beta testers. If you'd like to try it out, email the produc...
    12 By surgevelocityon Applications Caching DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04