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    How to create a subdomain with apache on CentOS 7?

    Hi, I followed this tutorial: But my problem is that i don't have any idea how to set-up a subdomein my currently site is...
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    centos 7 sshd service not found?

    Yesterday i installed php,apache,mariaDB all using ssh(putty). Today when i woke up and tried to log-in with putty it said connection established. So i looked it up on the internet. i saw some commands like service ss...
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    no access to connect with mysql

    I fixed it using a query: update user set host=’%’ where host=‘localhost’;
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    no access to connect with mysql

    Hi i am trying to connect with my mysql server running on centos 7 But its saying: Acces denied for user data@myip. and i can't connect to root either. please help me?
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    A few questions about mail servers with nodejs

    Dear, I followed those instructions: But it gives me a few qeustions. How do you add email address? How do you get a website where us...
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