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    How to add a cron task

    Hi, I need to add a cron task that is supposed to run every 10 minutes. This is the code I was given by the developers of my software: /usr/bin/wget --delete-after >/dev/null 2>&1 I'm ...
    2 By tamasd79 Apache Ubuntu 18.04
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    WordPress doesn't send emails

    Hi, I installed WordPress on NGINX and I noticed that it doesn't send emails like contact or any other system emails. I'm guessing something is missing or not active on my server. What do I need to do to send emails? ...
    3 By tamasd79 WordPress Nginx Ubuntu
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    Where to add txt records!

    Hi, I have my domain name registered at Godaddy, and I'm using it here with one of my droplets. I need to add a txt record to my domain. Where should I do that? Here in DigitalOcean domain settings, or over at Godadd...
    1 By tamasd79 DNS Ubuntu
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    Creating a subdomain on LEMP?

    Hi, I have a droplet, I used the one-click install with LEMP. I've been having trouble with adding a subdomain. Here is what I'm doing. I set up the domain and pointed it to my server. I also created an A record for...
    1 By tamasd79 Nginx Ubuntu 16.04
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    Putty closes down automatically

    I'm unable to do anything in Putty. I just created a droplet, but when I try to access my server via putty, it closes down when I try to change the root password. Any idea what's happening? Yesterday I had no such pr...
    1 By tamasd79 System Tools
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    Installing and setting NGINX and PHP

    Hi, I'm following this tutorial: I encountered a problem at Step 4 and 5. I've checked and double-checke...
    1 By tamasd79 Nginx PHP