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    Can no longer access my website via domain name

    Hello All, I have been facing this weird issue recently where i can no longer access my website via it's domain name ( but can still access it via the public IP ( The website show...
    1 By taobad PHP Apache Ubuntu
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    .ERROR: ReflectionException: Class App\Http\Controller$ Stack trace:

    I've just deployed my laravel app on Digitalocean. My upload image and the send email which worked perfectly fine on my local server doesn't work on the server. After debugging, I realized the problem is with this two...
    Accepted Answer: The stacktrace doesn't seem to give us much to go on. Based on the fact that this code worked properly on your build system but not on your droplet lets work under the assumption that this error is caused by a differ...
    1 By taobad Nginx LEMP Ubuntu 16.04