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    letsencrypt cron job auto-renew is not working (Ubuntu/Nginx droplet)?

    Hi! I followed this DO guide to configure LetsEncrypt for my server: The guide worked great, however the auto-re...
    2 By tconroy Let's Encrypt Nginx Ubuntu
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    Just got a GitHub Student Developer Pack promo code, how do I add it to my existing account?

    Hello, I originally registered on Digital Ocean through a referral link and received a small amount of credit. Then, I was approved for the GitHub Student Developer pack, which contains an additional promo credit for ...
    3 By tconroy DigitalOcean
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    Installing LEMP and MEAN stacks on single droplet?

    Howdy all, I'm switching from a shared host to Digital Ocean, but want to try the waters with the 5$ plan for a bit first. I will just be porting over my personal portfolio/blog (PHP, AnchorCMS) so I will need the LE...
    1 By tconroy DigitalOcean Configuration Management MEAN LEMP Node.js PHP Nginx Ubuntu