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    How to install Laravel 7 and composer in a server that has already installed WordPress on Ubuntu 18.04

    Dear, friends. My server is using WordPress on Ubuntu 18.04 with PHP 7.4 ([]) The WordPress is already installed and runs smoothly, and now i want to learn creating f...
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    I have an error says : The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/../..

    Dear, friends. I am using WordPress on Ubuntu 18.04 via DigitalOcean Apps Marketplace. PHP7.4 + Apache2 . While tried to upload an image via WordPress media library, i have an error : "The uploaded file could not be m...
    1 By Technosatmedia WordPress Ubuntu Ubuntu 18.04
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    How to activate one click update WordPress core and plugins in marketplace Application?

    Dear, friends. I have deploy a server using One Click marketplace applications. I choose WordPress on Ubuntu 18.04 The default installation WordPress version is still the old one, WordPress 4.9.8 , today the latest re...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @Technosatmedia, I just created a 1-Click Wordpress Droplet and teste this but it looks to be working as expected at my end: Wordpress 1-click update I am using Google Chrome and...
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    How to remove ssh key

    Dear, friends. I have destroyed my droplet and want to deploy new droplet with new SSH Key. How to remove the old ssh key from Digitalocean dashboard? Thank you for your help.
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @Technosatmedia In order to delete the ssh key, you need to open your account settings by click on “Your Settings” menu under your profile icon. Then click on “Security” and on the next page you'll see the SSH...
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    How bandwidth Usage calculated for a Media files downloading website?

    Dear, Vijay. I assumed the “bandwith” you mentioned before means the transfer data usage out from your server. This issue is …
    By Technosatmedia